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Every night before I lay me down

I feel that peace in those sultry sounds
Somewhere between the dancing orange and red
My deepest thoughts stir inside my head
Getting lost in tomorrow and yesterday

Staring into the flame

Should I stay, should I go
Should I run, should I hold
On and fight
 for what’s right
Even though it may cost my life

For so long my name’s sake
Have leaned on The One who saves
And I contemplate these things
Staring into the flame

I close my eyes and see my family
And I weigh it all against the promises I keep
And any fear is buried by this love inside
But I can’t say I’m not concerned ‘cause that would be a lie

Repeat Chorus

I am Samson I am David I am Abraham
I am Esther I am Joshua I am Gideon
I am the Macabees, I was bound, I am free
What has been, What will be
, I am you, I am me

Repeat Chorus

Will my children’s children be

Free like I want them to be
If I don’t contemplate these things

Staring into the flame
Staring into the flame

words and music by Dan Truman and Jason Deere

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