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Who is that? Who walks through the street?
I hear the shuffle of following feet
And I taste the dust as they walk by
But who would stop for one such as I

I cry aloud but He can’t hear me
I hear the Sadducees so cynical
I cry aloud in the crowd I’m drowned
Am I worthy of His miracle?

I hear voices but I can’t make out the words
So many buzzing around like hummingbirds
I feel the crowd move like a wave on the sea
Am I mistaken or is it washing towards me

Repeat Chorus

Then something hushes the crowd
And I feel hands on me now
And I feel his fingers lift from off my face
He says, “Thy faith hath made thee whole”
As blackness turns to grey
Behold, I see light, I see light
Behold I see the miracle
Behold I hear the prophets of old echo in my ears
And I feel my warm face wet from all my tears
As I behold the Messiah, Emmanuel
He who’s come into this world to change us all

Hallelujah Hallelujah

words and music by Jason Deere

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