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From the first time you told me about everything you had seen
We were just boys but there was no doubt
That in my heart I believed
That brother I’ll follow you
Into a hailstorm of an angry town with words like jagged knives
Every stone was meant to bring you down
Something you’d know all your life
And brother I’ll follow you

Rain or Shine
Fire and ice
With faith like iron you walk right on through
And brother I’ll follow you

Into Ohio, a new northern town
Not knowing just what lies in store
Hearts were changing, the Saints we grew
As our hands built The House Of Our Lord
And brother I’ll follow you
Into a cold night our children cried
Driven further west
Out of a swamp our hands built up Nauvoo
And we prayed in the Lord we’d find rest
And brother we followed you

Repeat chorus

Into a building of sand, stone and steel
With faith like a rock you walked in
And at then end your eyes looked into mine with the love of a lifelong friend
Yes brother I’ll follow you

Repeat chorus

word and music by Jason Deere

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