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It may never stop raining
It’s been two weeks since I’ve been dry
I should be thankful no one saw the tear that I just cried
From Sugar Creek to Garden Grove
Life’s been hard on us God knows
But mud above up to my knees won’t stop me from rollin’ on
I’m tellin’ you

God is good, yeah God is good
We’ve come so much farther than we thought we could
Keep walkin’ now…God is good, oh God is good
One more mile behind us hey God is good

There’s two braves up on the hillside
They’ve followed us for two days
They seem more friend than foe but out here it’s hard to say
And that afternoon sun sparkles
Across a wide bend in the Platte
Another sweet reminder that life ain’t that bad
I’m tellin’ you…

Repeat chorus

And Chimney Rock she rises like a Memphis
Calling His children on
I hear The Lion roaring on the mountain
Taking us home, taking us home, taking us home

Repeat chorus

words and music by Jason Deere

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