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Maybe we were flowers
Soaking up every ray of sun
To grow one inch closer to one another
Or maybe we were songbirds
Flying high upon the wind
And every night in the trees I’d sing you to sleep
Whatever the truth is one thing’s for sure

I’ve got a timeless place for you in my heart
How I could love you this much I don’t know
But there’s this ageless feeling that tells me more and more
I must have loved you before

Maybe I was the ocean
And you were the sandy beach
And every minute
I was falling at your feet
Or maybe you were the moon
Oh and I was just the dark
Living in your sweet light
Thanking God I was where you are
They say love is eternal and I guess they must be right

Repeat chorus

Cause whenever you kiss me
It feels like coming home

Repeat chorus

words and music by John Bettis and Jason Deere

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