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I was born in the wind and snow
Of the fertile mountains of Idaho
I was born in the Salt Lake Valley
Where the blue sky stretches out before me

I was born up in New England
Where my fathers fought for freedom
I was born in California
Where the sun sets in the western waters

And we are here to serve our King!
Children of the Most High
It’s His good news that we bring
As we labor gladly bringing souls to Christ

I was born in Africa
I liz we e-ndi-li tan-da
I was born in the Ukraine
Gia sonsa svetit enselly dien

I was born in Guatemala
Decendiente de los Maya
I was born in New South Wales
Where the wind still blows aboriginal tales

I was born in Deutschland
Heim der Alpen und den Autobahn
I was born on the Irish sea
Where the waves dive into the hills of green

Repeat chorus

I was born in Oklahoma where that prairie grass rolls on
Born the son of humble converts and I’m here to pay it forward

Repeat chorus

We are “born of goodly parents”
Blessed souls of a rich inheritance
We are children of the Father
An army of His sons and daughters!

words and music by Jason Deere

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