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You’ve always known how much I look up to you
And youYou’ve always known how much I look up to you
And you were always happy to lead the way
Somehow you found the faith to put that tag on
But I was never sure I could catch that plane

I’ve made mistakes you know that left me broken
And I’ve scarred the hearts of mom and dad
But this prodigal son is doing things I’ve never done
As I pray for mercy with all I have
Down on my knees I’m finding answers
How could I have known?

In a letter home you’d save me
How did you know that I just wasn’t right?
You gave me the words to break free
From thousands of miles you saved my life
In a letter home

I close my eyes tonight and try hard to picture
What life is like for you out there
And I’m finding courage in your faith in me
And you need to know I feel your prayers
Over and over I read your words as they soften this heart of stone

Repeat chorus

That love’s the thing that always mattered most
That Jesus really died to save me, oh
Two years in a foreign land
How’d you know that you would find the most desperate man
In a letter home

Repeat chorus

words and music by Ben Truman and Jason Deere

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