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I testified from my mother’s womb
Of He who’s sandals I’m unworthy to loose
And I can’t hold still in this wilderness
People listen, the sun is glistening!

On the water…..Oh at the water
Covenant with the Father
Born again His sons and daughters
In the water
Buried in the water

I feel the call in some pastoral wind
Down through the valleys from Isaiah’s lips
And I see them coming from the dusty roads
One by one in the name of the Holy Ghost!

Repeat chorus

He removed his sandals in the river sand
And walked down into the cool Jordan
Buried beneath the gentle flow
Into the water’s blues and greens below
Through the diamond droplets heavenward He rose
And every heart was filled with love
Within the sound of the hushed wings of a dove

Repeat chorus

words and music by Dan Truman and Jason Deere

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