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For so many years I’ve hidden my shame

Understand I’ve lost one brother I refused to save

And tonight we cannot lose another
 and bare to ever look into our father’s face
I beg of you please take me in this boy’s place

It is me
Can’t you see
I’m your brother carried away to another land
It is me
Can’t you see
I’ve got your eyes, your ears, your hair, your smile, your hands
It is me

In all the years I’ve felt betrayal’s pain
I never dreamed that I would see this day
But the God in Heaven has a plan and though we may not understand
Here we are face to face again

Can it be
Now I see
Can you find it in your heart to forgive us?
It is me
Can’t you see
My heart is filled with nothing but my love
It is me

Oh the God of Israel
Has not forsaken us
All is well

It is me
Now please be free
Go and tell my father how I long to kiss his face
I lift my eyes to those distant skies
If there was ever a soul blessed in God’s good grace
It is me
It is me

words and music by Dan Truman and Jason Deere

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