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“Every worthy young man…” I’ve heard it
It’s a part of the plan I’ve been told it
From my father and mother, my sisters and brothers
Everybody knows I’m supposed to go
And I’m okay with all that, but I still need to ask

Just for me, I’m down on my knees
Asking my Father above to hear my plea
Can I have a witness just before I do this
Let my heart burn like fire once more before I leave
Just for me

I’ve done what I can, I’ve lived it
A little money in hand, I’ve saved it
And I so want to climb any mountain I find
And declare it, I so want to share it
There’s so much I know but before I go

Repeat chorus

There are people just through the veil
I can feel leading wind to my sails
Courage as I head to sea
And I believe like I’ve never believed

Repeat chorus

words and music by Jason Deere

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