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I might have been just fine, I might have been okay
If you never came that day
I would have got cleaned up and headed into work
For another day of the same
But I was eatin’ my toast and honey
Took a look through the peephole
At two young people dressed funny
What are they doin’ out there?

I spent a long time lookin’ in my life
For the truth ‘til the day it came
Knockin’ at my door
How could I have known I was needin’ what you’re bringing
You laid it on me now I can’t stop singing
Oh, since love came knock, knock, knockin’ at my door

Funny thing about life is it can take a turn
When you least expect it there’s a lesson learned
Never thought one prayer full of heart
Would cause my new life to start
I feel a little bit like the new guy on the block
Walkin’ in in this shirt and tie
Man, is this thing straight?

Repeat chorus

Now I’m feeling pretty nervous today
Standing at this microphone on Fast Sunday
But I just wanna say…

Repeat chorus

words and music by Jason Deere

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