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The morning was clear on the road from Nauvoo
A tear touched his eye as his home fell from view
The journey was silent and few words were said
As he leaned to his brother and quietly said

As a lamb to the slaughter I willingly go
And die for my father, His strength fills my soul
I’ve lived for my Savior and I’ll die for him too
With humble heart I lay down my life a prophet of truth

Four humble men sang with the angels on high
“He asked if I for him would die
The flesh was weak, my blood ran chill
But my free spirit cried, I Will!”
For I know this day I shall see my Savior’s face

Repeat chorus

A noise from the stairway, a shot through the door
The first martyr fell to the floor
Tear filled Joseph’s eyes, Oh my dear brother Hyrum
Today you’ll find peace
“Oh Lord, my God” release my soul, set my spirit free

Repeat chorus

And with humble heart I go to my grave a prophet of truth

words and music by Jason Deere

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