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A Hawkins rifle strapped to his saddle
Two Dragoons inside his vest
His long black hair blew through midnight air
Fighting revenge inside his chest
He’d seen the houses burn down to ashes
And seen those he loved lose that most dear
The Saints they cried, “Someone save our lives”
The night the black angel appeared

Hey now Porter, got an eye like an eagle
Sworn to save the life of the prophet of the Lamb
Many men are lying under six feet of ground
Fire from the smokin’ gun of Modern Day Sam

The Saint’s moved on as the fire grew strong
But some would never let them rest
Crystal eyes moved through shadowed nights
As he took the devil’s last breath
Promises from a prophet’s lips
The prophecy preserved his fate
But that June day his heart broke in vain
God forbid he was too late

Repeat chorus

Destroying angel…troubled man
I won’t judge the blood on your hands

Repeat chorus

words and music by Jason Deere

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