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I can feel it like a whisper
Like a memory calling me
The kind of thing that just feels right
Moving through this heart of mine
And it’s got me thinkin’
That I wanna keep keepin’
On preparing my life
For my time

My time to give…My will to learn
My story as the pages turn
My time to live by every word
My day to love my call to serve
My urge to move as my heart stirs
My work to do it’s my turn
My day to let the truth be heard
My time to give my call to serve

There’s nothin’ quite like the kind of smile
Someone just can’t hold back
As the truth comes alive
And believin’ starts a whole new life
When you see your brothers
And you see your sisters
Standing side by side
Sharing the light…singin’

Repeat chorus

Called to serve him Heavenly King Of Glory
Chosen heirs to witness for his name
Far and wide we tell the Father’s story
Far and wide his love proclaim!

Repeat chorus

words and music by Jason Deere

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