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A rod turned to a serpent
Water turned to blood
Words in Balaam’s ears
Frogs amid the floods

Thunder from the hills
Hail from angry skies
The sun and moon stand still
Locusts black the night

Manna from the heavens
Water from a rock
One man plays with lions
The brawn in one man’s locks

Darkness covers day
Bitter waters turn sweet
A serpent made of brass
Israel believe!

Remember, nothing is impossible!
Remember, nothing is impossible!
Like Israel of old, through our own desert we roam
And with the God of our Fathers, nothing is impossible!
With the God of our Fathers, nothing is impossible!

Quail inside the camp
A man washed upon the beach
Shadrach, Meshach & Abindego
With fire under their feet

The parting of a raging sea
The fall of Jericho’s walls
Five stones and a shepherd boy
See that Philistine fall

When life is weighing heavy
It’s so hard to believe
How can I make it through
When I can barely breath

It takes all that I’ve got to hold on hold on hold on
So I just sing this sing this sing this song

Repeat Chorus

From the star in Bethlehem
From the greatest to the small
The night the veil was rent
See the writing on the wall
All is Risen All is Risen from the Fall
The greatest miracle of all!

Repeat Chorus

words and music by Jason Deere

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