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“Greater love hath no man than this
That he lay down his life for his friends”
The way that he holds my broken heart
Together with His hands
I hope I was right there for Him the way
That He’s right here for me
With every step that I take and every breath I breathe

He was right there as I walked off
The front porch of our house
When I knew we’d never see it again
Beneath a frozen sky that evening
On the Mississippi
As we prayed the ice wasn’t too thin
He was with me when my husband
Signed on with the battalion
And he marched off with five hundred men
When I think no one could know
I know there is one who understands

It’s so much more than the wounds in his hands
More than the hole in his side
More than the blood that spilled down
beneath olive trees that night

He was with me in the wagon
With the oxen dragging us over every rock and ravine
My baby’s fever wasn’t breaking
Little body shaking

So helpless I wanted to scream
He was with me on the cold ground
Where I had just fallen down
Beside the hole where they laid my little man
When I think no one could know
I know there is One who understands

Savior, the world was on your shoulders
For every drop of pain that fell in my name
I’m forever thankful

He was with me in the canyon
As I first laid eyes on
The valley he cut with his hands
When I think no one could know
When no one else could know
When I think no one could know
I remember One who understands

words and music by Jason Deere

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