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My sister conceives again and again
While I remain barren, disgraced among men
My soul suffers, my heart pleads, why can’t it be me?
Without children I die…Jacob, can’t you see

Will I be enough? My heart cries out in pain
For day after day I struggle in vain
To try and find my place in a world that seems so cold
Will I be enough with no child to hold?

I dream of a cry to keep me up at night
I ache to sing softly to tire weary eyes
My lips long to kiss the soft skin of my flesh and blood
Tell me I won’t live my life with all this wasted love

Repeat Chorus

Oh I sing my lullaby
Oh God’s time is not mine

And I will be enough if I call on His name
He’ll suffer and He’ll die and He knows all my pain
Sometimes it takes a broken heart to come to understand
He will never forsake me when I reach for His hand
When I reach for His hand

words and music by Jennifer Holt, Dan Truman and Jason Deere

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