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I can’t feel my hands
I can’t feel my feet
I’d take off these boots but I’m afraid what I might see
I see my frozen skin
In the pale moonlight
I gently draw each breath holding on for dear life

If I’m dying I won’t be crying
And I’m okay if today is my last
I close my eyes and sleep

I dream my life in frames
Colors clear as the stream
The things I want to say
My frosted lips just won’t speak

Repeat chorus

I want to surrender
Then I feel hands like steel
Resting on my on my head
I hear a trembling voice that warms my bed
I feel tears well up running from my eyes
As the blessing comes in the name of Christ

And if I’m dying I can’t help crying
As others pray that today won’t be my last
I close my eyes and sleep

words and music by Jason Deere

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