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A few little books worth their weight in gold
A handful of precious stories told
From the hearts of people like you and me
Verses that made it through history

Hands held firmly to the rod
Lives spent knowing the will of God
Heaven knows I need what they have to say
Like air I gotta breath it in every day

Until I’m hangin’ onto every word
And that something deep inside me stirs
Caught in the spirit of the words I’m readin’
In my soul I wanna start singin’
Like a lighthouse in the dark
Safe harbor to my heart
And oh I’m so much stronger

At times when faith is paper-thin
And every day’s a battle that’s hard to win
I see ‘em like an old friend on the shelf
An age-old answer to a cry for help
And one by one every question mark
Becomes a quiet answer to my heart
Every little thing I‘ve been goin’ through
Is lost in a prayer and a page or two

Repeat chorus

Down through the ages
My life’s found in the pages

Repeat chorus

words and music by Jason Deere

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